Come get some air with our Progression Jump on Fife & Drum that we added last night, a big and small jump to advance you skills.   Also added a box and Double Barrel to skiers right on Fife. Come take a snow day and shred our weekend set up.




Today we added more features to Fife and Drum. Stay tuned looking to add more in the near future.



Fife Park

Today we added three features of fife and drum and looking to have more in the near future. We also got 4 inches of fluffy natural snow covering the hole mountain. It is shaping up to be a grate Holiday weekend here at RMR Parks!





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It’s Opening Day!

We’ve had a few weeks in the parks to hike, but now it’s time for the real deal.  J-Bar Park is open today with 9 features; check the Park Report page for more details.  No features on Fife for now.  As more terrain opens, and as we can make more snow, we’ll start adding features on Fife Park.