Welcome back!

Welcome to the newly re-designed rmrparks.com!  We’ve streamlined everything to bring you the most quality content all season long.  You may or may not notice the “Suggestion Box” section of the site is gone.  Got a suggestion?  Post it in the comments section of our latest posts!  Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to opening day (no we don’t know when that is yet).

Fife Park is FUN!

Fife park is SO FUN!  We’ve added a bunch of features and can’t wait for sun to come out.  The J-bar park also has a 13ft quarter pipe.


With the warm weather over the weekend, we are going to be pulling a few features and getting Fife Park ready with a nice line the whole way down!  Looking forward to a few changes this week!

Warm weather and fun!

The parks are coming back together.  The rain can’t stop us now.  The warm weather is here, and Joe our awesome Park Builder re-shaped the jumps.  Rails are going back on piles.  Get here tomorrow!  OH YEAH AND A FUN CONTEST TOMORROW!


Due to the rain, features will be closed until the snow softens up a bit.  As of now, both jumps are open along with the beginner jump.

Park Update

March 15 EventAt this point in time, the Second Jump pile is not open due to the landing being a bit more firm than we would like.  We will open the jump as soon as possible.







Ski Division Film Below:

1) Casey Arnold
2) Sam Zahner
3) Justin Petricko
4) Cody Gushlaw


Snowboard edit by Evan Pierce! We will have another edit or two soon!


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