Fife Build

Fife Park had some features added this morning and man it’s all time right now.  Check the park report for updated features.  Local rider Brandon H riding aggressively on the shakedown and Brennon S with the smoothest of smooth front boards.

Opening Day

Check the park report. It’s lit  


RMR Parks Open Slopestyle Photos

Check out a full gallery of photos from yesterday’s slopestyle contest on the Roundtop Facebook page: Thanks to everyone who made it such a fun day, including Faulkner Subaru, and Gilson Snowboards!

Rider: Dan Pergrin  Photo:  Sam Krepps

Monday update

We’re closed Monday to Friday, so no parks this week, but we’ll be back with a fresh setup soon enough!  


New Park Features // Update

A few new features were placed last night!  We replaced the battleship rail with an up-box, the Down-flat-down tube is below the stairset, the c-rail is placed above the stairset and the bank feature is now next to the stairset!  The park is prime, get out here!


Rippers in the Park!

A few photos taken by Art on the crew during a fun session yesterday!  This kids are killing it!


Ski Edit!

  Snowboard edit coming tomorrow!  

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