January 6 Update // NEW J-BAR SET

The J-Bar Park got a little makeover!  6 new features await your arrival for shred time.  We left a little space in between for some more snowmaking and hope to add a feature or two in early next week.

Regarding Fife Park.  We know.  We want it too.  But we also want to make sure we can come out with a great park right off the start.  With that, we are using this cold streak and piling the snow up as much as we can.  Be patient and we can’t wait to rip it with you!



January 4 Update

There will be very limited features thru Thursday. With the upcoming cold weather we are taking full advantage. It was best to level the slopes and get ready for snowmaggedon. J-Bar park will be rebuilt Friday Am and Fife and Drum early next week!

Fife Build

Fife Park had some features added this morning and man it’s all time right now.  Check the park report for updated features.  Local rider Brandon H riding aggressively on the shakedown and Brennon S with the smoothest of smooth front boards.

brandon-1 brennon-1-2

Opening Day

Check the park report.

It’s lit





Wax those boards, mount them skis.  It’s on! Jbar Park will be rockin.

Thanks for a great season!

It’s all over.  Thanks for making 2016 another good one for RMR Parks, and we’ll see you again some time soon.  You probably won’t see any posts from us for a while, so enjoy all the great videos from this season, like the latest Moistmin.  Later.

Park Update 3/4/16

The parks are in great shape especially after the past rain and warm weather!  The Crew has been working hard to keep what we can out there for everyone!  Fanny hill is back for the weekend with 3 features that are low to the ground and for you to learn some new tricks!  J-bar has a totally new setup with 2 jumps and 5 features for all you J-bar lovers.  Fife and Drum took a hit from mother nature but we still have 15 features and our triple jump line.  The small jumps on fife had to be removed due to some thin spots but we built two awesome ones in J-bar for you!  Grom Jam is this Sunday the 6th!  Get out here and enjoy this awesome weekend! See you in the parks!

Are you MOIST enough?

The Moist Boys at it again with their lo-fi antics.  Got a new edit to share?  Tell us and if we like what we see we’ll post it here.

J-Bar Park Closed today 2/18 and tomorrow 2/19.

J-bar will be opened for the rail jam Friday night starting at 5pm.  After the Jam we will open it to the public.  We are also changing some features on Fife and Drum Park and adding a Few boxes over on Fanny Hill Park as well for this beautiful spring weekend we have ahead of us!  Thanks for all the support and feedback from everyone out there!  We love seeing the love for RMR Parks!

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